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AuroraLights Young Queens 0-14 months old


"AuroraLights Be Mine"
This beautiful F3 girl born here at AuroraLights. She has such an amazing temperament and warms up to strangers immediately.  Her call name is SURI.



"AuroraLights Brightest Star"
This rosetted girl was born here at AuroraLights as well. Her call name is Electra. She is out of Luna, now owned by Leopard Fuzz Bengals, so she carries the Lynx gene. I am hoping for some rosetted blue-eyed kittens from her in the future.



AuroraLights Sierra
This rosetted girl was born here at AuroraLights. She is out of Diva, now owned by Bellagio Bengals, who is a Sepia. This little girl who we call Sierra will carry for sepia snow.



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