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Learn About Bengals

What is a Bengal?  The Bengal cat was first produced by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. The first four generations are referred to as F1, F2, F3, and F4.  Asian Leopard Cat is also shortened and is referred to as an ALC.  After four generations the cats are considered Bengals and are fully recognized by TICA.  Although Bengals have a very exotic wild appearance, they are very friendly and make wonderful family companions. My cats are not agressive in any way and get along wonderfully with my dogs. I believe it is best to find a kitten raised in a home and played with daily, even better if handled by children. I have only three breeding age females and one male and they are very much a part of my family. I do not keep my cats outside or in a cattery. They live in my home and each is given thier own space to live in, shared with my children and me of course. I have had some wonderful breed quality kittens with wonderful ROSETTES, some with spots, and don't forget the amazing marbles which are a work of art by themselves. My kittens have wonderful playful temperments. All of my pet quality kittens are sold on spay/neuter contracts as family pets only. I will also sell to people interested in Breeding but I will only allow my highest quality kittens to be placed as breeders. If you are interested in a SHOW or BREED QUALITY bengal kitten, please let me know as soon as possible. When I am waiting on a kitten for a breed home, I will grow the litter up for a few weeks to determine which will be pick kitten of the litter for such a home.  I keep my site updated regularly so check back often! 


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