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Auroralights Bengal Cats & Kittens of Michigan Red Bengals, Torbie, Browns, Silvers, Snows

Welcome to my website. I have worked hard to make this site as user friendly as possible. Please use the underlined links on the page to navigate.

Available Bengal Kittens

Bengal Colors

Bengal Queens (moms)

Bengal Kings

When contacting me it is best if you text me 616-581-1766.  You can also email me at cathyjopotter@gmail.com .  If you do not have a phone that can send text messages, please leave me a message so I know you are not a solicitor. Thank you very much. 
Cathy Potter


Breeders helping Breeders

The guestbook is for comments on my site, or on my kittens that buyers have bought.  This is NOT a way to contact me for a kitten. Please email me at cathyjopotter@gmail.com or text my cell at 616-581-1766


PROUD MEMBER OF TICA (The International Cat Association)



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