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Below is "Paradise"
Nairobi's Island Paradise of AuroraLights

"Paradise" is the daughter of Nairobi Jungle Ambiance X Gogees Painted Ladybug.  She is the newest addition to my breeding program. She is very friendly with a wonderful color, and lots of glittered rosettes. I look foreward to future kittens with her.

**Pedigree For Nairobi Island Paradise Of AuroraLights**

Below is "INDEE"
Awagati Indee of AuroraLights

**Pedigree for Awagati Indee of AuroraLights**

LUNA is the daughter of CH Bailiwick Mosaic of Cedarwood. She is a snow lynx point with bright blue eyes.

Below is "LUNA"
Asiagold Luna of AuroraLights