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Adults That Need Homes

After finding many adults bengals and other cats needing homes in Michigan I decided to help in finding them loving homes. I will be placing them in different categories on this page so please read the captions above the picture groups. Any cats will be looked at by me. Given booster shots if needed. Wormed and examined for any signs of fleas , ear mites etc.... If they are spayed/neutered or declawed already it will say so. If you have a cat that needs a home please contact me and I will help if I can. When possible the cat will be left in its current home while I help find it a family and in some cases I will have it here. I will not post any cats that show agression to humans. Also, any pure-bred bengals that have already been registered with breeding rights will not have their registration papers given to the new families. A photo-copy will be given instead. Thank you.

#1 These cats pictured below are pure-bred bengals. Sometimes a kitten is born that is extremely shy. It is not mean or dangerous but needs a home with no other animals. These cats are not afraid of humans but may fear other animals and need a family that will take the time to let the cat come to them and bond. If you are open to a beautiful bengal who will probably come lay by you on the couch , but might not necessarily want to be held and carried around one of these may be an option for you. They will not leave until they are spayed/neutered and examined by my vet. Price usually just covers these expenses and runs around $100. If there are no cats pictured, please email me to be on the waiting list for a CATEGORY #1 CAT. Also, sometimes bengals will become very friendly after being spayed (sometimes the behavior was related to hormones)

#2 The cats pictured below are pure-bred bengals. These will be very friendly cats that love people but don't like other cats. They will be loving, purring etc... but when another cat comes in the room they may charge it. Obviously, this would be a cat needing a home with no cats (dogs are usually not a problem) Price will include their spay/neuter ect... price will vary depending on the cats age etc... usually $150-$300 Please email me to be put on the waiting list for a CATEGORY #2 CAT

#3 This category is for pure-bred retired bengals that are extremely friendly and seem to get along with everyone, human or animal. The age will be listed next to the cat. Price will be determined on the cats age, pattern quality etc.... Some of these cats may be older kittens 6 months and up. Some may have been cats a breeder saved as part of their breeding program but have decided not to breed due to them being to small or whatever the reason. I will always put any info I am given next to the pictures. Again, they will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving and price will include this. Price will be determined on an individual basis and will be posted. Please email me to be on a waiting list for a CATEGORY #3 cat.

#4 These cats listed below are either mixed breeds or just domestic shorthairs (we don't know what breed or mix they are) Many are from loving homes that may have lost their homes or had to move somewhere where no cats are allowed. I will post any info I am given about them next to their pictures. This would include things like if they are spayed, neutered, declawed, any personality descriptions or favorite toys ect....

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