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Frosted Bengal Kittens

Breeding bengals means , for most, all kinds of fun and interesting surprises.  Along with each litter feeling like a Christmas present you are about to open with many different color/pattern combinations, there are unexplainable phenomenons like "FROSTED KITTENS"
We used to say Frosted kittens were born with longer white hairs, but as I breed longer and longer I find that is not actually the case.  These kittens are born one color and quickly change to another color (the color they are supposed to be) during approx. the first 5-6wks.
This frosting can be very confusing for breeders since it usually mimmics other colors.  For example: Two brown bengals cannot produce a Silver.  Some unsuspecting breeders do not know this and when a silver looking kitten is born from two browns they sometimes will sell it as a silver and then have to call the familiy and explain that the kitten "changed color".  For those who know two browns cannot produce a silver they think they have a Blue Bengal kitten.
(This is why I strongly encourage all Bengal breeders to color DNA their breeding adults so they know if they carry for Blue. If they know both parents do not carry Blue, they will know they have a frosted kitten.)
Why does frosting happen? We don't actually know. I have heard many theories, but I do not believe anything has been scientifically proven yet.  Frosting can happen on any color,  although I suspect finding Frosting on a snow Bengal kitten would be very difficult.
Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I have posted pictures below.

In Jan. 2010 I had my first litter of F1 Bengal kittens. I was very surprised to see all three kittens were born this strange grey color.  I soon discovered they were all three Frosted Bengal kittens. Both pictures below are the same litter just weeks apart.



Pictured below is one of the three kittens from the litter pictured above. Because all three kittens were Frosted, I will just show one of them developing to show you the color change.





Below is a Frosted Brown Spotted kitten at 12 days old. As you can see in his second picture taken at 12wks of age, he is now a pretty brown with no frosting. 
Pictures compliments of Willowbay Bengals.  




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