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In order to continue to provide families with the most cutting edge kittens, I typically retire my girls by the time they are 3 yrs old.  Many times with their first litters at 1yr old . By retire I mean she is spayed and then sold to families to be their forever family members.  I have a very accurate idea of personality of course and can share that with prospective families.  A young adult costs much less then a kitten and is up to date on all vaccines.  I prefer that my girls go to homes with no other cats. Even though they get along with each other here, frequently, other cats seem to treat them bad when they are the new comers to a home.  Adults are priced based on temperament, pattern quality, and age for the most part and are usually $250-400.  Please send me an email and let me know if you would like to be on my list to contact when I have one available.  Kids are great with my cats! NO, they will not be declawed when they leave my home.