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This page on my site is brand new.  This page will hopefully grow into a wonderful resource for breeders but for now, it only contains info on Giardia testing.


1. The first thing you need to do is purchase some Snap Giardia tests.  I buy them from 
The box comes with 15 tests and MUST be kept refridgerated.  If you don't think you need 15 tests maybe you could share them with another breeder that lives close by.
2.  Watch my video on "How to run a Snap Giardia test."  The link is below. Just click on it.
3. Collect a stool sample. Try to get one as fresh as possible so it isn't hard from the litter dehydrating it. 
4. VERY IMPORTANT!  Once you have your stool, remove one Snap Giardia test from the refridgerator and let it warm up on the counter for 30 min's prior to running the test.



This is an example of a Negative test result.  If this test were positive there would be another blue dot on the right side of the blue dot you see (and a little lower).  I do not have a positive result picture but if anyone has one I could post I would appreciate it.

So you have a POSITIVE?  DON'T PANIC

Below are the directions for treating your cat for Giardia.  Since I don't want any law suits  I will start by saying I am not a vet.  If you have any questions about this treatment please ask your vet.  I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your cat during treatment.  I am posting this because IT WORKED FOR ME.  Since doing this treatment on my cats I have NEVER had a positive result again.  My retesting consisted of testing all of my cats 2 months after treatment.  Again, just before any were bred, when their babies were a week old, and finally, on any loose stools by the kittens produced by previously positive moms.  DO NOT give this to PREGNANT cats!  I gave this to moms who had babies that were a few days old and the babies appeared to have no reaction to it and were very fat and healthy.
**Important**  Since sharing my treatment plan with other breeders, I have been contacted by at least 7 breeders who tested and found they too had Giardia.  I have also had three other breeders try to treat their cats for Giardia with Panacur,  unsuccessfully, who then tried this treatment and contacted me to say they are now Giardia free. 

My treatment plan for Giardia.

 If your cats don’t like canned food you have an instant problem to solve. I would mix in a little bit of the canned food into their hard and if they like that then give them canned and see if they eat it well. I wouldn’t just put down canned food with medicine in it because they may turn their nose up forever.  If your cat turns up its nose at the food, I would just leave it.  More often then not, the next day they will start eating it and it is ok to go a day or two and not eat (adults not kittens).  I have one cat that eats raw and I was able to put the Fishzole in ground turkey with water and he ate it right up.

The canned food pictured below (Friskies) is what I used and what other breeders used. We found that this food seems to hide the flavor of this medicine and others.  Make sure you buy the Pate' style.


Then I bought some Fishzole from   or which looks like this:



Fishzole is made for fishtanks so the pills are made to dissolve very fast.  I took one pill, 250mgs and put it in a tablespoon of water so it would dissolve.

Then I added it to a half can of the cat food and mixed it up good. The cats ate it right up. I feed this once a day (only this) for 7 days then 14 days off and then 7 days of treatment again. (For cats who eat it right up and appear very hungry, I mix in some hard food so they don't feel starved.  The main goal is for them to eat all their food within a 24hr period, not in one hour)  


**Please make sure you scoop your litterboxes every day. After the first week, wash the litterbox with soap and water.  Do this every week. I did not go crazy with litterbox cleaning , bleaching etc.... and the treatment worked for everyone.

**If you do not have a way to separate all your cats from each other during treatment, mark each plate with tape with each cats name on it.  Use other rooms in the house or a large kennel to allow each cat 30 min's to eat.  What the cat doesn't finish, cover with plastic wrap and offer to her again hours later.