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Deposit Agreement


Auroralights Bengals F1 Waiting list Agreement for a family pet.

Once the kitten is born there will also be a purchase agreement specific to your kitten and its parents.

All kittens will leave here with their first shots, worming done, they will be Micro-chipped, and have a one year health guarantee.



This agreement is between Cathy Potter of Auroralights Bengals and ______________________________________.

For the purpose of this agreement Cathy Potter will be referred to as the Seller. Buyer is placing a $200 deposit for a F1 Bengal kitten. Buyer understands that this kitten is being sold as a family pet and may not be used in a breeding program.

Buyer also understands that any female F1 kittens will first be offered to breeders for use in furthering the Bengal breed and that male F1 kittens will be sold to families first. If there are no male kittens born in the litter then a female F1 will be offered.

Any F1 kittens, male or female, must be spayed/neutered by the time they are 6 months old. Kittens will be offered to families in the order in which they have placed their deposits. Seller will let the kittens grow for two-three weeks prior to asking the family at the top of the list to choose. This is to allow the kitten and its pattern to show better.

 By placing a deposit for a F1 kitten buyer agrees that they are ready for

a F1 Bengal.  The deposit is NOT refundable if a kitten is born, available, and buyer changes their mind. The deposit IS refundable if 6 months passes and Seller doesn't have a kitten available. If buyer absolutely does NOT want a female and only wants a male F1, then the deposit would be refunded to buyer if no male kitten is born in the 6 month period of time. 

Please remember. Once I plan a breeding I wait for my queen to come into heat. This usually takes 2-3wks. Then I breed her and she is pregnant for 9wks. Kittens need to be 9wks prior to leaving for their new homes and 10wks if they are flying to their new homes. When you total this time it is about 22wks. The reason I point this out is because if you feel you will be ready for a kitten in 4 months, now is the time to place your deposit.

 Please fill out this form and mail it to me with a deposit. I will except Paypal (please remember to add 3% if using paypal),

personal checks for deposit only not for final payment, USPS money orders or cashiers checks. Please do not send cash for a deposit.


I would like a F1 Bengal kitten. I understand that my first option will be a male kitten, but I (circle one) WILL or WILL NOT take a female F1 kitten.

I also understand that all F1 kittens are born brown unless the mom is a silver bengal. I also understand that all F1 kittens are born spotted, never marbled.  I am mailing a $200 deposit with this agreement or I have paid the deposit via Paypal, Cashiers check, money order, personal check (circle the one that applies) and have received confirmation back from Seller that is has been received.  I have mailed the deposit to:

Cathy Potter

3631 Earle Ave SW

Grandville MI 49418